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When Too Little CO2 Nearly Doomed Humanity

started by on Jun 04 2017 – Last touched: Jul 20 2017

Jun 04 2017 07:48 am    

Aside from the expected protests of Al Gore and Leonard Di Caprio, the public didn’t seem to raise its CO2 anguish much above the Russians-election frenzy the media already had going. Statistician Bjorn Lomborg has already pointed out that the Paris CO2 emissions cuts would make only a 0.05 degree C difference in earth’s 2100 AD temperature. And that’s in the unlikely event that all parties actually kept their pledges.

During the last Ice Age, however, too little CO2 in the air almost eradicated mankind. That’s when the much-colder water in the oceans sucked most of the CO2 from the air. There were only about 180 parts per million in the atmosphere, compared to today’s 400 ppm.

The Ice Age’s combined horrors—intense cold, permanent drought, and CO2 starvation—killed most of the plants on earth. Only a few trees survived, in the mildest climates.Much of the planet’s grass turned to tundra, which is much less nourishing to the herbivores we depended on for food and fur. Cambridge University’s recent studies say that, worldwide, only about 100,00 humans were left alive when the current Interglacial warming mercifully began.

Jun 14 2017 08:34 pm

Yes…it is getting out of hand Randolf. I think most of it is just to gain more power and control over the people, They really don’t care other than just control and making a few bucks for their corporate cronies.

Sorry I haven’t been around much, Lots of stuff happening in our lives right now all at once and it hasn’t given me much internet time. I hope to get caught up in a bit and I think I am going to try out a new different script for this site. I am testing two different ones now as time allows. I will give you heads up before I change it and I am hoping you would be willing to come along when I do. :) My friend here nunez111, composes music and wants to share but this script is giving him some problems with uploading so maybe I can get something a little easier for everyone to use. :)

Jul 04 2017 06:48 am

Boy am I late! Sorry for not seeing this Roberto. No one came in for so long I stopped checking.

Yep, Fake news and false flags! What is incredible is how many actually believe this stuff.!

Jul 14 2017 04:28 pm

Thanks for dropping in Randolf. So what the hell are those invasive carp? Huge crappie? As an angler I would be interested to find out. We have all been busy too Sir. Dad is 82 and starting to get dementia and he has had me in Damage control mode for about 6 months now. But the last 2 months has been real bad, auto accident and all.

I would like to get caught up and go north and fish some "Invasive" Burbot someday. I heard they are GREAT if not overcooked… :)

Between stress and lost sleep I am flat whipped. He is now on "Auto pilot" and "Sleep walking" and I ain’t getten no sleep trying to deal with it all. The Accident might help, I might get control of the situation now. He has been in denial and "Just fine" in his mind until this happened, Now he is finally admitting there might be a problem… :)

But first I have to deal with all the repercussions from the accident which WAS his fault for sure.

Jul 20 2017 01:41 pm

Thank you very much Randolf… We went to the Doctor yesterday and she did diagnose Dad with Dementia, so that was half the battle. He finally accepted that even though he thinks everything is normal it is not. The constant denial was the biggest hurdle in all this. Even when proving that he was not thinking straight he would fight till the bitter end. At least now he is unsure about his thought process and willing to start double checking with me to make sure he is on the right track. Now that he is no longer trying to deny it, seems like he is hiding less and the severity is really exposing it’s self. So far he was agreed to not drive anymore voluntarily. This was the biggest concern so as long as he takes his meds right he may be on the right track. :)

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