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Well I'm Back :)

started by on Apr 18 2018 – Last touched: May 07 2018

Apr 18 2018 11:23 am    

Sorry I was not participating the last couple weeks. I was pretty much camping out with no internet during my Dad's hospital stay and ordeal. I will get some news posted as soon as I get caught up a bit. :)

I have a story about how incompetent the healthcare system truly is right now I will share also ASAP. I know Randolf would be interested to hear this mess.

Apr 19 2018 11:34 am

Boy are you right Sir… It took it’s toll on me too. I have important stuff needing to get done and I am still just too beat to do it. Catching up on a lot of stuff that got neglected while I was gone out of town but I will share the story just as soon as I get somemore energy and mental power. lol

Thank you for dropping in my friend and I really do appreciate it very much! I will work my way over to Roberto’s site at some point today… Trying to catch up on bills for a bit this morning. Many of Dad’s are now late because of this set back. :)

May 05 2018 06:52 am

Well guys… Almost 5 weeks after this ordeal started it is entering a new chapter. They are kicking Dad out today and we are moving him towards homecare and "almost" out of that system. I fought the system and beat it, then I had to fight Dad and straighten him out because he had decided to give up and die. Nope… I stood on top of him and he will now be walking out today on his own almost fully recovered. :)

Sometimes I just have to pat myself on the back… lol :)

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