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The Left Won’t Rest Until Someone Gets Killed

started by on Jun 04 2017 – Last touched: Apr 02 2018

Jun 04 2017 07:23 am    

I’m old enough to remember when “violent rhetoric” was the root of all our problems, and crosshairs on a website no one ever saw was the reason for mass murder.

Of course, those were different times, times in which the president had a (D) after his name, not an evil (R). Since that important change happened, everything flipped – over-the-top rhetoric is no longer the domain of the fringe; it’s the currency of the mainstream media. Worse, it’s turned from heated political disagreement to paranoia and pure hatred, and it’s going to get someone killed.

The people on the political left didn’t just lose an election last November, they lost their minds. And their leadership has been exploiting that for power and profit ever since.

Immediately after their loss, Democrats did not turn introspective and try to discover why, after eight years of a personally popular president, voters across the country had rejected them in record numbers at every level of government. No, they turned in anger at those who beat them, and no one has had more of that anger directed at them than President Trump.

He’s the accidental president, in their minds, someone unworthy of even the basic respect for the office that used to be the norm in politics.

Worse, they are stoking fears to the point that even the casual observer is left with the impression they’re hoping someone “corrects” that accident.

How else can one interpret the left’s continual equating of the president to Adolf Hitler? What is implied in saying the man’s actions on an otherwise insignificant international agreement “is a grave threat to our planet?”

Mar 29 2018 05:07 am

The whole problem with Trump is none of the politicians in office can understand how an outsider can actually have an understanding of what ails this country and how to fix it. There is so much waste of money and time in today’s government that it’s amazing anything gets done. He’s trying to clean up the carnage caused by previous administrations and stop the graft that’s creating the attitude of self indulgence by career politicians who think they are in it just to get rich and retire with a good pension, not to do any real work!

The democrats are so pissed off because their wagon just lost it’s wheels. No more free ride. How can this man dare to change the statis quo?

What should scare everybody is past presidents have been assassinated for less. We can only pray it won’t happen again.

Mar 29 2018 08:55 am

Good Morning and WELCOME!

I absolutely agree. Even the right side establishment is having problems with him. He has thrown a wrench into the system and I think it is GREAT for a change! The status quo has been going unchallenged for far too long :)

Thank you for coming in! I just got this fired up again and still have some work to do with it. But there are others here who will be back in soon. Love to have you come participate and contribute all you like, much appreciated! .

Edit: I feel foolish my friend. I had to go check email before I realized who it was. lol Thank you Sir! :)

Mar 30 2018 02:32 pm

Good afternoon Randolf… So good to see you drop in! Thank you for sticking around my friend! I hope you have been well!

There is a whole lot of truth in what you say here.And I am going through the scrip thing with Dad right now. He ended up with a Doctor who is now over prescribing meds. She has him taking meds to couneract the side effects of other meds that I’m not even sure he needs to take. She has him on 3 different BP meds alone. Why not find whats causing the blood pressure instead? It’s out of hand and we have made an appointment with another doctor for a second screening, but because of out beautiful O-care situation it takes at least 90 days to get in somewhere else. He’s 83 so he might not even live long enough to make that 90 days with all the crap the current flunky is pumping him full of.

Apr 01 2018 04:40 pm

His mind is slipping a bit but his heart is healthy. He has eaten right and exercised all his life so physically he was doing good until this doctor started "fixing him" for a mild BP issue. Now he is on 11 different medications that she insists he needs. He is not in pain so none of them are for pain. He explained that he doesn’t feel right when he is on all these meds and asked if he really needed them all. What does she do? gives him another scrip for the " doesn’t feel right" issue which of course did nothing to change that. He was healthy and active until she got a hold of him. Now he is listless and lazy and don’t give a crap anymore because of how he feels all the time from the meds.

I think it is a setup…

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