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Growing plants and scientists: Hydroponic gardening program wins over students

started by on May 16 2017 – Last touched: May 23 2017

May 16 2017 09:41 am    

Elementary-age students -- primarily African-American, Hispanic and English Language Learners -- developed positive attitudes toward science, less anxiety, and greater self-confidence after participating in an after-school program where they grew fruits and vegetables using soil-less, hydroponic technology.

May 16 2017 09:43 am

Lol, Well of course they would be into this! " Hell yea! I can grow pot in my bedroom with this! ".

I know I tried at that age, but that was before hydroponics. :)

May 17 2017 09:26 am

So you are saying you grew your pot the old fashioned way, in soil. they should be teaching that also. there are urban farms popping up, because they have realized the crap food is killing them. turning vacant, or abandoned lots into large veg gardens. why the hell not? and as the population grows we will have to go hydroponic and vertical as well. people are doing that too. in the news just yesterday some kid drank a soda pop, espresso, and an energy drink (fancy name for soda pop) in 1 hour and suffered cardiac arrest and died. a few years ago a teenage girl drank 3 energy drinks (soda pops) in a hour and she died. the drinks have the same warning as some drugs, "do not take more than 1 every 4 hours or more than 3 a day. food or drug they are not being "administered" properly. so what is the FDA doing beside approving more and more. they are not protecting us and neither is the USDA. grow your own damn food is the only way you can be sure.

May 17 2017 11:14 am

Yep… sure did. :) We have had a garden going most of our lives. When the kids were still at home we had a great 1/2 acre plot with just the essential crops that are hard to come by or expensive in the stores. And we had a 3 crop growing season out here in the desert. So I agree!

The problem with urban farms is the chamber of commerce and planning and zoning. The greed factor is killing this effort. In fact some cities have ordinances against gardening food crops at all even in your own backyard. You can have "Ornamentals" but not edibles. It’s communism! :)

I have all the stuff I need to set up a fairly good sized Aquaculture project. But I am kind of hoping to get on my bugout property in the next couple years and set it up there. I want to stock Burbot though rather than Talapia or other as the fish half of the system. My property is at 6,000 ft and it is too cold for most species like tilapia to breed. But the Burbot like cold freezing temps to breed so they should do well up there.

May 23 2017 08:50 am

you are right about GREED. just like the big pharm companies tell us we need drugs to be healthy, the big phood companies want it to be illegal to grow real food to be healthy. here in great falls montana a doctor wanted to have a couple chickens to eat fresh eggs, but it is illegal to have chickens in the city limits, so she got it before the city planning board to change the law. but to no avail as big eggs factories lobbied against it claiming that chickens stink. that’s true if you have 5,000 of them in a metal factory building. it was all bullshit in the end and you are a criminal if you eat fresh eggs you grow. considering this i am a criminal, when we had pet birds our female cockatiel was a spinster hen and she laid about 100 eggs over the course of 1 year and i ate all of them. one would fit on a Ritz cracker and 1 dozen would fit on a slice of toast and they were delicious. crime doesn’t pay but it can save you money. as far as growing vegetables being a crime, that can be sidestepped if we do what the pot growers do and put the word "medical" in front of it. it is common knowledge that a diet high in fruits and vegetables will help cure the obesity epidemic, as well as many cancers and other ailments. so we must lobby and get it so it is legal to grow medical tomatoes, medical carrots, medical broccoli… that’s right the medical vegetable garden.

also we have a "noxious" weed growing here, spotted knapweed. fact is it hasn’t been studied at all so they really don’t know. it is obnoxious though and i pull it regularly up at our bugout property. it is completely legal to grow, requires very little water and nutrients and a lot of sun. it grows prolifically here just like another "noxious" weed grows in Mexico, marijuana. i think it would be financially prudent if we would at least consider making a GMO cross between the 2 of them and we would have a noxious weed that would cure insomnia. we will call this new medical herb "juana-knap." equally "noxious" as either of the parent plants, and only 1/2 as illegal as pot! also i don’t like the word communism, it reminds me of those poor Russian citizens who were trying to listen to Beatles music, let’s call it what it really is a TOTALITARIAN REGIME!!

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