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Drawing Back the Curtain on the World's Political Classes

started by on Jun 04 2017 – Last touched: Jun 14 2017

Jun 04 2017 12:33 pm    

This week, President Trump showed once again that, unlike his predecessor, he reads the fine print, and is not swayed by the unscientific blather of the internationalists who use fine talk to cover power-grabbing, anti-Americanism, and corruption.

He wisely pulled out of the Paris Accord -- something always billed as a perfectly voluntary agreement of nations. Had it been more transparently called a "treaty" the “Accord” would never have passed even minimal scrutiny and constitutionally mandated Senate approval. So it combines bad science, bad economics, and bad politics.

Here are some of the provisions, not reported by the mainstream press, which underscore that it was no more than a redistribution scheme designed to hamper U.S. competitiveness papered over by gaseous, meaningless platitudes about saving mankind.

It was designed to limit American competitiveness and, at best, could have done virtually nothing to affect the climate while impoverishing us and displacing U.S. workers.

Jun 14 2017 08:40 pm

And I think you are right. It is getting ready to implode soon I think. I think today they realized how vulnerable they truly are and how crazy people are getting out there.

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