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CNN Reporter in North Korea Left ‘Speechless’ By Nuclear Announcement: (tr)

started by on Apr 20 2018 – Last touched: May 05 2018

Apr 20 2018 05:27 pm    

CNN Reporter in North Korea Left ‘Speechless’ By Nuclear Announcement: ‘Huge Win For President Trump’(full title)

In a stunning piece of breaking news on Friday evening, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared that he will suspend all nuclear and missile tests, according to state media.

In a statement quoted by South Korean media, the Korean Central News Agency also said a nuclear site where that last six nuclear tests were conducted would be shut down.

“From April 21, North Korea will stop nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles,” the Korean Central News Agency said.

CNN’s Will Ripley, one of the few journalists who regularly reports from the repressive Hermit Kingdom, phoned in to Wolf Blitzer’s show on Friday night to cover the breaking news.

“Kim Jong Un has announced to his country and his own people that he has completed his nuclear program, and therefore there is no need to continue developing nuclear weapons,” Ripley reported.

“This is an extraordinarily significant development, and frankly a huge win for President Trump going into these discussions, this potential summit, with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un,” he continued.

Ripley quoted a North Korean official who had optimistic words about the move: “Finally Kim Jong Un has decided to open up,” the source said. “This is a new chapter for the DPRK. He has committed himself to the path of denuclearization and will now focus solely on economic growth and the national economy. Finally he has realized the best path forward is to open up the country and normalize relations.”

Apr 20 2018 05:31 pm

I am getting a kick out of little Kim giving up like this. So the CIA goes to meet with him and a few days later he throws up his hands. Makes me wonder if they tossed a stack of photos of all Kim’s "secret hideouts" with targets on them.

"Look bud… We can nail just you anytime we want to, you better stop screwing around with us".


May 05 2018 06:38 am

I didn’t think of that one Roberto… Maybe they showed him pictures of him INSIDE these bunkers and hideouts. Better yet! lol

In all seriousness, all we would have to do is drop food to his military personnel and they would turn the cannons against him in a heartbeat. He is currently starving them to death. :)

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