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Booming: Jobless Claims Hit Lowest Level Since the Nixon Administration

started by on Mar 30 2018 – Last touched: Mar 30 2018

Mar 30 2018 08:45 am    

Tax reform may not be generating the drumbeat of positive headlines that it once was, but the progress and successes it has created continue to pile up. Walgreens has affirmed a $100 million investment in raising employees' wages thanks to the GOP-passed law, as McDonald's unveils new education benefits, also to the tune of nine figures, for its workers. Meanwhile, House Speaker Paul Ryan is touting the decision of a smaller Maryland-based company that he visited last fall to offer tax reform bonuses of up to $1,000.

More than four million US workers have received such bonuses from their employers thus far, in addition to the rollout of other enhanced worker benefits and major investments from coast to coast. Oh, and the overwhelming majority of all taxpayers are receiving a tax cut because of the law, much to the surprise of many who bought into critics' false rhetoric and absurd predictions. Tax reform has become popular because Americans' realities have far exceeded Democratic doomsaying. Economist Brian Riedl underscores this disconnect:

Mar 30 2018 02:48 pm

Boy that’s a fact… Reality is a bitch. You know before all this there was SS "temporary disability" and it took care of stuff until it was straightened out or you ended up on disability. I’m in the same boat as you, I’m 56 and have to wait 9 more years to get any medical care. And you are not going to believe this… But I can’t even afford O-care.

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